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About Emily

Hello and welcome to my site.  My name is Emily and I am a four year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  I live in Pasadena, Texas with my family and enjoy napping, eating, running, playing catch, and going for car rides.

I once had another family, but they weren’t very nice, and one day when I went out to run and play they wouldn’t let me back in the house.  I wandered around for days without any food or water, but while I was looking around a dumpster for food, a car came up.  As I froze in the road, the car came to a sudden stop and a lady got out and came around the front.  I jumped in the car and started licking her, hoping that she would show me some kindness and caring.  She drove me to her house and gave me to her husband, who gave me my first clean water and food for quite a while and I was so happy I couldn’t stop shaking.  When the lady, came home with her daughter, she told the man hesitantly “I guess we can take her to the animal shelter”, and he replied “It’s too late for that – she’s here now.”

Since that day I have enjoyed living with my Mom, Dad, my brother Jordan (a Golden Retriever), Nugget (a female cat), and Sterling (a male cat).  My job at home is guarding the house, keeping the kitchen floor clean, and breaking up any conflict in the house (mainly between Nugget and Sterling).


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